Iggy Azalea Says Working With Jennifer Lopez Was "Surreal," Teases New Secret Collaboration—Watch Now!

"There's somebody I've had my eye on but we just did a secret collaboration," the Aussie rapper tells E! News

By Bruna Nessif Sep 22, 2014 11:52 PMTags
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Still can't stop watching the "Booty" music video? You're not alone.

Since the sexy, tush-friendly clip was released on Thursday, Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea's racy collaboration has been all anyone can talk about, but (no pun intended...OK, maybe a little) the fan frenzy surrounding it doesn't surprise the Aussie rapper at all.

"I did [expect the video to blow up], but only because I'm a massive fan of Jennifer and, you know, to me she's iconic, so I think anything she does deserves to be spoken about," Azalea told E! News at the iHeart Radio Festival on Friday.

While the success surrounding "Booty" didn't seem out of the ordinary to Iggy, she admits that there was something that caught her off-guard. "But the video, you know, Jennifer really surprised me," she told us.

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"I thought that she would be like a super-diva, and she was so down to earth and lovely and she didn't have a crazy ride or anything extra. She just got on with it and she was so sweet, and I feel like I've gained a friend out of our collaboration. And I had a very surreal moment filming the video with her because she's somebody that I've sung her music back in cars with friends and in bedroom mirrors over the years."

She added, "It was really great to get to do this with her."

The "Black Widow" rapper has teamed up with a number of well-known artists in the game (Rita Ora, Ariana Grande, J.Lo and T.I. to name a few), but it looks like she's got something else up her sleeve. During the interview, Iggy teased that she joined forces with yet another pop icon for something that will hopefully be revealed soon.

"There's somebody I've had my eye on but we just did a secret collaboration, so I'm hoping we'll be able to announce that in the next few weeks. Another pop queen that I'm excited about."

OMG! Britney Spears? Miley Cyrus? Katy Perry? Who could it be?!